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How to Properly Shave and Maintain your Bikini Area

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

We have all had that messy run in with the razor. First, it stings, then it itches, and lastly it becomes irritated and bumpy. And even more frustrating, you are left with nasty bikini scars. This is a common issue with women and men that have curly hair textures. Due to the fact that the hairs, as they grow out, tend to curl back into the skin or not fully grow out though the skin, hence causing a razor bump. Follow along and you’ll always have the perfect shave!

· If your hair is a bit longer, use a bikini trimmer or scissors to trim the hair first.

· Wash the area with soap and mildly hot water. This will help to disinfect and soften the skin and hairs (for a closer shave).

· Use an exfoliating brush to better soften the area or a sugar scrub. (When you do so, don’t exfoliate in a circular motion, instead do it vertically up & down.) *this affects the direction the hair will grow*

· Disinfect your razor with rubbing alcohol right before use, in order to prevent any infections. Always use new or fairly used blades (or else you will cause bumps).

· Use a shaving cream. Never use soap or shampoo.

· Shave in the direction that your hair grows, never against. If needed, after shaving in the right direction, you can try different angles to get the more stubborn hairs.

· Never press down too hard on the skin.

· Completely wash off cream. Then wash area with soap again.

· After you PAT DRY the shaved area, apply an astringent like witch hazel, or rubbing alcohol (look into Tend skin), let it air dry, and lastly apply a moisturizing cream or oil.


The care doesn't end here! In order to fully maintain a healthy bikini area, make sure to exfoliate every time you shower and also keep the area moisturized at all times. If you have scars from the past, you can also use pure cocoa butter or any form of skin lightening cream.

Another tip, if you happen to find any ingrown hairs, sanitize a pair of tweezers and free the hair out gently without pulling the hair out of the follicle (just free it from the skin bump).

Tip: Spend the extra money for better quality razors!

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