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DIY Sugar Wax Using The Microwave | Quick & Easy!

Can't get to a wax center? Looking for a healthier alternative? Tired of shaving? Well, guess what?! You can make your own Natural Sugar Wax, and it's easy, cost-effective, and better for your delicate skin.

Sugar Waxes are all natural, cause less irritation, have longer/permanent results and hurt less than regular wax. Not only that, but Sugar wax doesn’t stick to live skin. Which means, it doesn’t only get rid of hair but also dead skin, revealing smooth and radiant skin.

The easiest known method to make your own sugar wax is to use the microwave! And here is how to make it.

You'll need:

1/2 Cup Sugar

2 Tbsp Lime/Lemon Juice

2 Tbsp Water


1. Pour 1/2 Cup of Sugar in a glass container

2. Add 2 Tbsp of Water

3. Add 2 Tbsp of Lime or Lemon Juice

4. Mix all ingredients together thoroughly, and make sure no sugar is left stuck on the sides of the glass

5. Place mix in the microwave: *following times are based on a 900 watts microwave*

- Heat for 3 minutes & 30 seconds *adjust your timing to your microwave strength*

6. Let cool for 30 minutes (it is extremely hot and can burn your skin if you don't let it sit for 30 minutes)

7. Make sure your skin is clean & dry, apply baby powder to area, and apply the wax against the direction of your hair growth, and yank it in the direction of your hair growth (opposite of a regular wax).

If you're a visual learner instead, watch the full instructional video below!

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