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DIY Rose Gold Lip Scrub!

This is how to make your own rose gold lip scrub! Made with Sugar, Coconut oil, Shea Butter & Rose Hip oil. Plus Beet Root Powder & Dried Rose petals! This lip scrub will exfoliate and soften your lips.

What you'll need:

Sugar 4.5 oz

Coconut oil 1.5 oz

Rose hip seed oil .3 oz

Shea Butter .5 oz

Eucalyptus essential oil 1 ml / 20 drops

Beet root powder 1/2 tsp

Egyptian rose petals


1. Add oils and butter together and melt in microwave in 1 min increments

2. Add essential oil and stir

3. Add beet root powder and stir until there are no more chunks

4. Add the oil to the sugar

5. Stir & mix until the scrub cools to avoid a lose texture

6. Add to containers

7. Leave in fridge for 15 mins uncovered

To use, apply the sugar scrub to your lips in a circular motion and exfoliate. Wipe or wash off any excess and apply your favorite lip balm.

If you'd rather purchase this product, it is available for sale for $9! Click here to purchase.

If you're a visual learner, watch the full video here:

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